(Mt. 5:13-16, 28:18-20; Mk. 16:15-16; II Cor. 4:5-6)

Elder: David Bacigalupo
Deacon: Ryan Noble
Mission: To support efforts to reach the lost outside of Davie County with the saving message of the gospel.
 1. Maintain contact with all current mission efforts by visits, correspondence, or phone.
 2. Review all mission requests and consider them in the context of our established mission policy and budget.
 3. Maintain an active interest in at least one mission effort in close proximity through financial support, campaign assistance, visits, etc.
 4. Maintain one or more promising foreign works which would have a high interest value to the congregation.
 5. Organize and oversee any missions trips in which the congregation might participate. 
 6. Keep the congregation informed about the missions efforts that we support.
 7. Maintain records of mission assistance.
 8. Attend elder/deacon meetings and give periodic reports upon request.
 9. Assist in the preparation of an annual budget.

Missions criteria:
 a. Give a low priority to funding building programs unless they are already a part of our missions program.
 b. Give low priority to areas where the church is strong and could be funded by congregations that are more local.
 c. Give low priority to professional funding groups unless we are actively involved in the project.
 d. Secure the approval of the elders before asking the congregation for a special contribution.
 e. Secure the approval of the elders before committing to any new mission effort.