(Matt. 28:20; Rom. 12:7; Col. 3:16; I Tim. 4:11-12; II Tim. 3:14-17)


Elder: Neal Essic
Deacon: Bruce White
Mission: Plan, implement, and supervise a comprehensive program of Christian education which meets the needs of all members of the Jericho congregation.
 1. Conduct a full schedule of Bible classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings and special classes as needed.
 2. Develop and utilize a long-term (2-5 yrs.) balanced curriculum for the Bible School program.
 3. Recruit, train, and rotate a staff of active, faithful Christians as Bible class teachers with prior approval of the elders.
 4. Plan and conduct periodic teachers' meetings and/or work sessions as needed. 
 5. Procure needed teaching materials, supplies, and equipment for class use.
 6.  Plan and conduct special educational activities such as VBS and singing workshops.
 7. Maintain and oversee the church library and tape library.
 8. Identify, review, and recommend church-funded periodicals such as Carolina Christian, Gospel Advocate, Christian Family Magazine, etc. Update subscription lists periodically to include newcomers and to drop others as needed. 
 9. Foster the growth of class participation by keeping records of attendance and following up on absentees.
10. Assign classrooms and oversee the use of equipment and educational materials.
11. Attend elder/deacon meetings and give periodic reports upon request.
12. Prepare a yearly budget to support educational programs.