(Lk. 10:25-37; Rom. 12:13; James 2:14-16; Gal. 6:9-10)


Elder: David Bacigalupo
Deacon: Ted Allen
Mission: To provide aid for individuals and families in need, especially those of the Jericho congregation.
 1. Periodically review the Benevolence criteria and recommend changes to the elders as appropriate.
 2. Investigate and evaluate requests for assistance and respond as appropriate. Requests from Jericho
   members should be handled "in house." Requests from the community or transients should be referred
   as per CNN/DSS standard procedures.
 3. Be familiar with local organizations which provide assistance for those in need. Advise and assist them as        appropriate. Examples: Storehouse, DSS, Red Cross, Senior Center, Health Dept., Ruritan Clubs, Civitan       Clubs, Lions Clubs, etc.
 4. Become familiar with the operation of Storehouse for Jesus as a source of food and clothing, furniture,          household items, children's toys, etc.
 5. Research and recommend organizations for our assistance. Examples: CNN, Disaster Relief (Nashville),       Agape of NC, etc. Maintain contact with these organizations in order to monitor their needs and to keep the     congregation informed.
 6. Evaluate our involvement in CNN and maintain that involvement as appropriate.
 7. Involve as many members of the congregation as possible in works of benevolence.
 8. Maintain records of assistance.
 9. Attend elders/deacons meetings and give periodic reports upon request.
10. Assist in the preparation of an annual budget.